Daily Radiance Always wear a nylon dread stocking over your Locs for the greater upkeep and protection of your roots. wear your dread stocking when sleeping, and showering, and working out. If you wear hats for work or leisure it is best to also wear your Loc stocking underneath. Daily Radiance for Natural hair Styling wear one of the three depending on the style for braids, twist or other protective styling a nylon head wear is necessary, with other natural hair styles including your loose natural use a scarf/bonnet when sleeping and showing. wear a shower cap when showering at all times during your natural experience. Lightly hydrate the scalp every other day to maintain moisture (or as needed) without overly oiling the hair apply directly to the scalp .Recommended would be light essential oils and or leave in conditioner. Shampooing is not needed on a regular for it will strip the hair of its 28 natural nutrients very easily. recommended after a great workout or just a weekly cleanse would be an astringent and or witch hazel. This will remove dirt, build up, and odors. Followed by a lovely essential oil to subdue the order and leave the scalp moisturized. Maintainer oils with scalp healing proprieties Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado ,Grape Seed, Sun Flower, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Baily Oil. For the best results always use 100% pure oils. Mix together add other 100% oils for additional benefits of scents. Taking a hair vitamin is beneficial for extra hair growth results .Biotin is one of the best hair growth vitamin for greater results within 3 months.